rap music

heat wave: Winter storm fire

The following tracks are of great artistic merit; whether they possess certain literal elements- simile, metaphor and lyrical prose or have production that is irresistible. It could be just that it fires up the primal side of our subconscious. Nevertheless, what follows are a variation of rap music from the last decade or so that deserve more attention or just a recurring role in your playlists. 

******* Warning! NSFW *******

joey Bada$$ ~ piece of mind

Instead I let the words play with ninety beats / But the streets lose a heart beat before the verse finish/ But life goes on basic rules apply/ But you can feel that line in any hood that you live by/ From Flatbush to Figg side, I was a school boy too/ Hoppin’ trains, I missed my Q

lupe fiasco ~ mural

wu tang clan ~ felt

I never gave a (what) on how the next rapper felt/ I take that rapper’s belt myself, I feel how Cappa felt/ I don’t really need help, use a sharpie, don’t need the felt/ Marker, walk on water, I see how Jesus felt/ No rhyme or reason, just bleedin, my every breathing’s felt/ This about a thesis that even paraplegics felt
— Method Man

ransom ~ major star

But I got a passion for it/ Now I gotta add some thought, I ain’t got no damn support/ Damn, I’m lost, I don’t want a 9-5, I don’t like following rules/ How could I lose? Never laid down and died/ Tough like Ndamukung Suh, I’m promisin’ you

a-villa, big k.r.i.t, termanology, inspectah deck ~ the colosseum 

Game Of Thrones, King of The North, that’s how my name is known/ Play bold, off wit ya head soon as the blade is shown/ No chaperone, you alone in the Battle Zone/ Dome Blower, lightin’ up the spot like bad cologne
— Inspectah Deck

joe budden, ransom ~ vietnam

I’ma need those fatigues since I’m out here like a bounty/ Traded the green jumper they gave me when I hit county/ Nah I’m Sorry, I need my pilot seat/ I say that speaking from clouds, these are policy/ Probably why these model bitches wanna ride with me, if I can’t say publicly then I won’t say it privately
— Joe Budden

pusha t ~ numbers on the board

If you fly do it to death/ It’s only one God and it’s only one crown/ So it’s only one king who can stand on this mound/ King Push, kingpin, overlord/ Coast Guard comin’ a hundred going overboard/ I got money with the best of them/ Go blow to blow with any Mexican

statik selektah, raekwon, joey bada$$ & black thought ~ Bird's Eye View

It’s the elephant in the room/ Created by a collision of the sun and the moon/ My sonogram was an image of a gun in the womb/ That was soon to be doper than heron in a spoon
— Black Thought

wale ~ vanity

Now look at me, look at me/ How much vanity you see?/ You ain’t payin for no pussy but you pay for what she see M.O.B M.O.B/ Yes, as far as I can see/ But these broads jockin me is validating my conceit

the roots, blu, phonte & patty crash~ the day

Sunday morning, plan my day out/ Whole new blueprint, brand new layout/ Deep down still don’t know if it’ll play out/ But for the first time feel like I done found a way out/ Skin getting clearer and feeling like I lost weight/ Stop and say a prayer for the times I lost faith
— Phonte

Slaughterhouse~ the illest

I left the mask home to bury something, no disguise/ It couldn’t get more official if it was notarized/ I won’t depend on a jeweler to know I’m fly/ Top of the chain of command if I’m playin’ my hand and I’ll bet it on override/ Who think they over ‘I’?/ This ain’t even a group, just one real n**** multiplied
— Joe Budden

kanye west, jay-z new day

Sorry Junior, I already ruined ya/ Cuz you ain’t even alive and paparazzi pursuing ya/ Sins of a father make your life ten times harder/ I just wanna take you to a barber/ Bondin’ on charters, all the shit that I never did/ Teach you good manners so you cherish it/ Took me twenty six years to find my path/ My only job is cut the time in half
— Jay-Z

rick ross, drake~ aston martin music

La Familia I’ve been inducted and instructed/ To stunt on these n***** we don’t really f*** with, f*** is up?/ Havin lunch and debatin Ferrari prices/ Twenty three and going through a midlife crisis/ But trust me, I still deliver like a midwife/ And, no, I’m not sayin I’m the nicest, I just live life like it
— Drake

styles p ~ Leave a message

A message to the poor, stressin the life/ What we don’t get now, we’ll get in our second life/ A message to the kids, stick with your school/ Cuz if you f*** with the streets that’s jail or a bid/ A message to the wild, you should calm down/ Cuz everybody rattin’ and you’ll prolly blow trial/ A message to the ladies, depend on yourself/ So if daddy walk you you take care of the baby/ A message to the rich, you should spread love/ ‘Fore n***** like me go ahead and spread clips