The thing about lebron...

The thing about LeBron is not that he’s loved worldwide and undoubtedly the most skilled force in the game. It’s not that he had heads recording his high school games (myself included) on VHS tapes-sloppily documenting feats on the adhesive paper sticker…go out and hit half-court buzzer-beaters without being surprised at their conversion.

I mean- it’s not that as a teenager he had comrades purchase him a new H2 Hummer and racks of clothing. Who born outside affluent means would reject such gracious brown-nosing? Despite the wack ass all-white chopper city suit he wore upon being Cleveland’s number one selection, you couldn’t help but be excited for him. He earned that; he was born for that. Manifest destiny.


Even if the NBA made sure he won Rookie Of The Year when Melo had a more than worthy sheet, it was understandable. Dude showed out from Game 1 and one teenager boosted an entire city’s economy. It was exciting. Even if his outside jay was unreliable from distance, Bron still had those gifts to revel.

Who could even blame Gloria for displaying varying degrees of scallywag courtside, even prompting New 23 to scold her ass on National television? Just saying, that’s her baby. Stakes are high. It’s not like she grew up with many socio-economic buffers to polish that disposition. That’s still Mom Dukes to the Pearly Gates and back. Who knows if she had an affair with his bipolar swing guard? That’s water under the bridge.


The thing about LeBron is not that he jettisoned his home state to play with two all-stars in a much happier climate with stacks on deck and a new city to roam. Remember? CHECK MY $TATS. Only few can boast such verbiage with such support. They never built him a real roster back home. Sure, the press conference was a little much but the ego can be a bastard monster to wrassle.

Now he was an NBA enemy for the common fan. Can you fathom it? Being touted the new face of the league, a generational prodigy of speed, strength and hops, only to be at the chagrin of former stans and old timers everywhere? That cape didn’t fit on LeBron; he didn’t have the skin to bear that letter. Upon getting sliced by the Mavs for the gold ball, it was apparent; shit needed to change.


And it did. A dude already bequeathed with titan-esque athletic prowess learned humility, worked on voids in the arsenal: an actual post game (I mean, come on, how you gon’ be 6’8” 270 and won’t back nobody down?), refining an ever-improving outside shot and taking onus to control the ending. The result? O’Brien Trophy. Finals MVP. Saying, “child, please” to analysts who dare doubt his cojones and the temperature of his veins? Pop culture juggernaut; even more so than before. People who hated “thugs” play ball knew that LeBron was a hoops phenom.

As with any suddenly heated fire, the kindle was due to waver in strength. Sure it’s some serious dominance to reach the Finals in all four seasons and come away with a repeat World Champions t-shirt, both kinds of MVP and a defined legacy. Dwayne was looking old though; his fresh legs were becoming duller by the day. Bosh didn’t bang inside for the cleanups very well and a new opportunity was taking form.

Just go home, LeBron. Dan Gilbert was drunk when he wrote his hateful diatribe, probably in Cosmic Sans, bridges can be feigned. Besides, striking hot on ANOTHER three number one overalls can surely be material for carving further legacy. A young, dynamic point guard? Check. A disgruntled All-Star big man who just wants a playoff appearance? Eventually, check. Make sure you promote the entire charade as a repentant revelation of a void missing in one’s soul. Something that keeps you awake at night. I mean the dude left his personal bowling alley in Akron.

The thing about LeBron isn’t that he used to be allowed to crab walk and travel to the hole in crucial fourth quarter scenarios, ensuring David Stern’s can’t miss cash cow. It’s not even all the congregation of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan fan boys continuously yearning for reasons to discount another all-time great. All true fans of Naismith’s athletic landmark want LeBron James to be better than advertised; it’s better for the ceiling of the sport and the wonder of the eyes, after all.

The thing about LeBron James is that he’s shooting a mere forty percent from the field in opportunities pertaining to real greatness: championship rings. I don’t know how many more he can afford to sustain with a team yet to find its footing as a cohesive unit so basketball aficionados can only hope for longevity. It’s true that he ran into a Mount Olympus of sturdy in the Spurs multiple times but we were to expect Basketball Zeus in the form of James.

Can he deliver the top honor to a personal city whose sports woes are wounds still open? We will see. It is my personal belief that will be attained eventually. But I mean, that’s the thing- careers only last but so long.