big Mamma's Italian-american cookbook by lee casazza

Family is of the utmost importance., perhaps even moreso in Italian families. That is remarkably and beautifully communicated through the traditional recipes of my family as well as the European cooking education of my Aunt Lee. This is not your typical cookbook but much more than that. Almost a time capsule in book form, readers will not only be privy to great Italian recipes in a variety of areas- salads, appetizers, soups, pasta,  sandwiches, seafood and desserts but in the form of a quality binding with elite professional grade photos and design. It is also a brief history of my father and my family- The Casazza's from Brooklyn, NY and Richmond, VA with their convergence creating memories in the Washington D.C. area. 



The comedy duo is back at it; their mock football introductions have taken off past their cult levels and penetrated the masses. This is by far the funniest one so far, employing the talents of real NFL talent like Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Frostee Rucker, D'Brickashaw Ferguson among others for a great watch. The surprise cameo at the end set it over the top. Bravo, fellas.



If the levels of contrivance and faux admiration on QVC weren't already bad enough, how about this hilarious but awkward argument these two sales associates are having on the classification of our moon? FYI, it is neither star nor planet  and as bad as it is to need to point that out, I'm sure many are hazy on the facts of our neighboring asteroids, comets and planetary bodies. My favorite comment was a mildly bitter rhetorical question asking, "How are these people making more money than me?"



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Parody video- beauty & the beat



These are some original photos all taken and rendered with a simple iPhone camera and basic photo editing sofwatre