rocco grew up an avid reader, sports fan and movie-watcher.


Education was always of upmost importance. The reflection of that through multiple subjects and interests - pro sports, film, music, fine art, photography and scholarly topics such as physics, astronomy, journalism, anatomy and literature were key influences on any and all perspectives given here, accumulated through a nurturing family, Maryland Public Schools, Carroll County College & the University of Maryland at College Park. 

Experiencing and encountering many types of lifestyles in- rural Maryland,  San Antonio, TX, the greater regions and within city limits of Baltimore, MD and Washington, D.C. has given a varied digestion of social production and interpretation within contemporary America.

 The thoughts expressed here promote growth, progression and perception through the senses in all areas- athletic,  academic or practical. Overall, it is priority to give enjoyment to readers while highlighting the nuances of society and entertainment.