Have as much sex as you can

We live in a society that elevates people of higher attractiveness; easy ways to transmit one’s sex appeal with tactful and strategic mechanisms are available at right-hand command. This exposure serves to highlight and exemplify just what attributes and aesthetic disposition get notable reactions and feedback. Sometimes, even opportunities. Cascading sexual energy ends up flowing free and luminous in the bowels of electronic exchange like the pink slime river underneath NYC in Ghostbusters 2.

As a man, of course I like being privy to the upper echelon of badass women that roam cities and countrysides worldwide. Sexy specimens that premeditatedly flaunt just how good her form can look with carefully accentuated details. You can only be at one place at a time so it’s always appreciated to get the visual pleasure of model-caliber females abroad. When various thirst traps are set, a lot of dudes knowingly gravitate towards their clutches.  Some exhibit transparent pandering towards females they know they will never meet, exposing themselves as bitches with the mental fortitude of Jell-O salad.

One troublesome notion about open sexuality in impersonal settings desensitizing our scientific programming as a species; the innate need for physical contact, affection and healthy sexual release is stifled. Internet dwellers all over have been negatively led to passiveness in approaching the opposite sex due to unrealistic expectations and a bevy of ulterior options to get ones rocks off. Many people of both genders have lost confidence in face-to-face interactions; seemingly the bombardment of ideal social media beauty has conditioned their thinking and approach to fulfilling these needs, even casually.

Media constantly being projected generally present a skewed view of reality. People are either 8’s, 9’s and dimes….or they’re significantly ugly enough to merit humorous ridicule. Don’t get me wrong, everybody understandably wants to go above and beyond their own attractiveness stratosphere when they put the effort in but sometimes people need a reality check. It’s usually not possible to be around the sexiest IG narcissists continually, not everyone has a top-shelf personal trainer and last but not least, the middle class exists for a reason. Most people that want to flex their mild material accumulations on IG are not in the tax bracket to be holding out for the finest 3-5% sex kittens or ballers on the market.

Everybody seemingly inherently knows though: you gotta get laid for your own personal well-being – psychologically and physiologically. Not only are crucial biochemical transmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and testosterone being utilized, embarking on a good sexual crusade (if you’re single) or a marathon (if you are hemmed) is crucial for personal validation. The most hardened criminal or the scorned insecure basket case alike greatly benefit from intimate exchange no matter their personal baggage because as irregular as life can be, certain functions must be regulated.


Even if you fancy yourself a sexual Genghis Khan, that personal contact with someone attractive undoubtedly makes you more content with being you- unless you are a sociopath. We are wired to be sexual creatures. Go out and get dat. This attitude is not advocating recklessness or putting yourself or your health in harm’s way. I’d much rather not have to drive more carefully around neighborhoods to avoid hitting the stray results of an affair gone wrong or unattended Huffy riders, either. Believe me.

What I AM saying is: don’t take the easy way out. Don’t lean on the pillars of instant gratification to suit your schedule. The productivity that comes along with satisfying inevitable sexual urges manifests itself throughout all other avenues of your life. It’s better for your brain and the chemically emotional soup that has you riding high when encountered with accomplishing all types of challenges. Letting social idealism and distant technological communication hinder the realness of what happens between the sheets (word to the Isley Brothers) has shown to be harmful.

Instead of expecting to WATCH the sexual equivalent of Monday Night Football any time you need to fulfill desires of contact, re-think that maybe PLAYING sandlot football with people you grew up with is ultimately more beneficial.